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Life Biography
The Sampraday

Life Biography

Study of Holy Scriptures :

Wicked persons always harass the pious ones. Every now and then, Dharmadev was, harassed by the wicked persons, residing in Chhapaiya and round about villages. When this harassment became unbearable, Dharmadev, one day, left Chhapaiya for good and settled in Ayodhya. Ghanshyam at that time was only 3 years old. At the age of 5, Ghanshyam started taking oral lessons from his learned father. As soon as He was Invested with the sacred thread at the age of 8, He started studying the Vedas and within less than two years, mastered all the four Vedas with all their branches. At the age of 10, He prepared a short summary book, comprising two Skandas, fifth and tenth, from Shri Bhagavat, Shri Bhagwadgita, Vidurniti and Vishnusahasranam from the Mahabharat, Vasudevmahatmya from Skand Puran and Yajnavalkya Smruti with Mitakshara commentary from the Dharmashastras. From the childhood, Ghanshyam was inclined towards a life of Tap, Tyag, and Atmasanyam i.e. severe austerities, self-sacrifice and self-control. He, therefore, wanted to leave home when the sacred thread ceremony was over. But in view of old age of His parents, He deferred this decision for some time. He served His parents, with deep love and high respect. When He was 10 years and 7 months old, His mother Bhaktidevi left this world, in the month of Kartik of Samvat year 1848, followed by His father Dharmadev, seven months later.

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