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The aim of Gurukul is mainly development of Adivasi locality in surrounding area of Navasari. Downtrodden children are welcomed from the interior parts of the forest to impart them higher education and civilization.


Those students who are studying in std. VIII and IX they are getting education at nearby high school with facility of school bus.

Medical Facility

A mobile medical van visits on daily base in nearby areas to cover 50 villages. Frequency of visit at each place is twice a week. A qualified doctor along with two mail nurses provide the medical check up, treatments and required medicines to the sick people free of charge.


Starvation is a social curse nowadays. With intention to help socially and economically weak people Annadan (serving food) is going on. Those who are helpless and unable to earn get food regularly. Daily over hundred people get fresh food. Thus, enough food is served twice a day in about ten villages of nearby areas.

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