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In the hostel 45 Adivasi students are getting all facilities of Gurukul totally free of charge. Under the guidance and care of saints they have shown incredible changes in their physical behaviours and mental states. Students are trained to lead a trendsetting and pious life.

Instead of wasting the time and energy for nasty works like fishing in muddy ponds and quarreling for petty matters they devotionally perform meditation, worship and study to shape up themselves in ideal human beings. They get awareness towards edible foods, proper and good looking dresses, polite language and courteous behaviour of life.

Even though these awesome changes in life style of Adivasi students of Gurukul, traditional culture is being served vigilantly. They are encouraged regularly towards significance of traditional heritage practically.

Along with the cultivation of moral life, all facilities are provided to students to keep pace with time. To nourish the inner talent and potential towards the creative path students are subjected to various competitive and resourceful learning like sports, outings, celebrations, competitions, training sessions etc.

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